19 April 2011

The Quarter

The Quarter is my very favourite place in this fair city.  Often, of a lunchtime, I take a stroll down Hope Street to the Quarter Deli and pick up a Ceasar Salad and maybe one of their divine (I know stupid word but nothing else will do as an adjective) loaves of bread.  As a treat it is my first choice for lunch or dinner.  

Today being my birthday, seemed like a good enough excuse.  Disappointingly but not unsurprisingly we couldn't get a table outside in the beautiful spring sunshine, but no worries the interior is non too shabby.  I have a very large soft spot for their big plants in old olive tins, but I digress.  Inside is a series of rooms so you can always find a good corner to get comfy, chat away with friends, and check out the art for sale on the walls.  It also helps that they play good music, I do wish other restaurants would pay more attention to this.

To the food, I had lamb with aubergine and couscous, still a little pink in the middle it was exactly how I like it, the couscous delicately spiced, a treat for the tastebuds.  My friend had the pan fried trout which turned up pretty as a picture and just as delicious, a glass of Montepulciano later and I was reluctant to return to work.  My day would have been complete with an hour or two outside in the sunshine people watching over a glass of wine. 

A brilliant place to either grab a coffee, snack or full on slap up meal, this is the nearest to a 'continental' style of eaterie you will find in Britain.  Just keep your paws off the Ceasar Salads, they're mine.  



Adrian said...

Going there for lunch today, can't wait, I hope that the lamb is still on, looks lush.

lovin' the blog so far. x

OhKate said...