6 April 2011

Shiny Happy Skin

Having struggled for years with my skin, I'm somewhat cynical when it comes to the claims of beauty companies.  Time and time again I've read about a miracle potion and ran out and bought it, regardless of the cost.  After reading the lovely Sali Hughes column in the Saturday Guardian  Magazine, once again I hot footed it to John Lewis and made my purchase.  Blooming Nora was she right.  Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser is quite simply amazing.  Even after the first use my skin seems calmer and clearer and had a lovely glowing feeling that usually comes from a brisk walk  on the beach, and it smells amazing.  I am now completely evangelical about this product and at £13.25 for a starter kit which includes a 100ml bottle and two muslin cloths I can afford to be.

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