4 May 2011

Jesus Boots

Growing up in the 1970's every kid had a pair of Jesus Boots.  Bought by cash strapped pragmatic mothers who knew no matter what we kids put them through, from tree climbing to the over chlorinated pools of Butlin's Holiday Camps, they would last.  At the time I can't say I hated them but I resented their sturdy practicality and ubiquity amongst my peers.  Now, well it's a different matter.  Call it a nostalgia for the hot summers of my youth if you must, I prefer to think of them channelling a minimalist aesthetic.  Re released by Clarks Originals, they now come in the tan of my youth as well as white and powder pink and cost £45.00.  I seriously want a pair, although a I doubt I will be styling them with a pair of running shorts and a Bionic Woman t shirt these days.

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