23 May 2011


I do enjoy a catalogue, with a cup of coffee and a biscuit it is my ideal for a mid morning break.  When  the Wrap catalogue popped through my door this morning I have to admit I got myself a bit excited, I'd never seen this one before, what shopping opportunities could it present to further bankrupt myself.

The first few pages (it is a fairly hefty tome) were lovely, slouchy relaxed knits in subdued colours and quality natural fabrics, right up my street.  As the pages progressed I started to feel a bit let down, frumpy skirts and dresses and extremely dubious styling spoilt my initial positive reaction.  Wrap just do not seem to know who their market is.  The claim to be selling on trend items, which they are but they are covering their backs with the frumpy middle ground no stylista wants to be associated.  They really need to cut their range and concentrate on the simple luxe separates that originally caught my eye.

Quality wise, I am assuming from the price and the fabrics used that it is fairly decent, I've not actually seen any of these garments for myself.  One thing I did notice is the slimline sweat pants had no elastane in, I know from experience this will mean a saggy bum and knees after five minutes wear.

All this said, it is worth a look.  Some of the tops and shorts are beautiful, they seem to have got the right amount of slouch for the off duty chic look, and they have the potential to be items you will be pulling out of your wardrobe for years to come.

All pictures are from the Wrap website www.wraponline.co.uk

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