3 June 2011

Bold Street Coffee

On a road that is choc a bloc with coffee bars and cafe's it is hard to make a new one stand out, especially when you are going up against the big mutli nationals.  Bold Street Coffee has managed to do just that, and I don't even know where to start when it comes to singing it's praises.

OK let common sense rule, lets talk about the coffee first.  I had a flat white, it was gorgeous, rich and creamy, it could have been bigger but my eyes are generally bigger than my belly when it comes to coffee.

There is a small menu for breakfast, bacon butties (They come highly recommended from a friend of mine), porridge, fruit and toast with a choice of toppings.  I had toast and strawberry jam, plenty of butter as usual.  This bread was baked in heaven, this is all I need to say.

One small thing which I loved is they have a jug of iced water on the counter with glasses so you can help yourself.  I know other places do this but every time I see this thoughtful little touch I am warmed.

The cafe itself is an enjoyable place to be, even at 9.15 on a Thursday morning it was half full of people breakfasting, reading the paper, catching up on a bit of work on the laptop and you can't blame them, it is a good looking place to sit and the music was interesting without being annoying.  No chart music pap here thank heavens.

Don't give your money to the big guys next time you are in town, pop in here instead and experience a lovely friendly atmosphere with bloody nice coffee to boot.

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