6 June 2011

Jamies Italian

I really wanted to like this, I really did. I like what Jamie Oliver stands for and his recipes are right up my street.  However, his chain restaurant is a completely different kettle of fish, it is Disappointing with a capital D.

It is a beautiful restaurant, large with interesting design touches.  The numerous displays of Jamie Oliver cookery books and merchandise for sale spoils this and feel very tacky.

Our waiter was a really nice chap, friendly attentive and great with my kids, unfortunately even he couldn't help the laboriously slow service.  

I had a battered courgette flower to start.  Expecting a stuffed courgette flower delicate in a tempura style batter, I was a bit shocked to find a crispy crumb coated flower with rock hard courgette attached swimming in what looked like tomato soup.  This soup was actually the highlight, it was very tasty, the courgette flower was a tragedy.

For mains I had chicken, expecting half a bird as the menu suggested I eventually got two small bland pieces.  My Other Half had fish in a bag, it looked amazing when he ripped it open, but once again he found it tasteless.  My little girl had spaghetti bolognese, it was quite nice, the best dish of all.  

There is no children's menu here.  They do starter sized portions of the pasta which is good for slightly older children but for my toddler we ending up giving him one of the tiny portions of chips which arrived beautifully presented, but dry as a bone.  He left them.

As you can imagine we didn't bother staying for dessert and coffee.  By this time we had simply had enough.  Jamie's Italian is not cheap, there are plenty of better value/quality chain restaurants  a few hundred yards away in Liverpool One.  Or just walk on past and go to Salt House Tapas, I guarantee you won't leave there feeling hungry.

The photo is from Jamie's italian website.  http://www.jamieoliver.com/italian/liverpool

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OhKate said...

I had a similar experience with Bobby Flay's place (Bar Americain) here. Mudane food which is outrageously expensive. The service terrific, though.