18 September 2011

Hope Street Feast

For the last few years, mid September has seen one of my favourite events in Liverpool, the Hope Street Feast.  Held in what is probably the second most famous street in Liverpool, it is infinitely richer in cultural gems than the ubiquitous Matthew Street.  With a cathedral at both ends, there is in the middle the Everyman Theatre (currently being rebuilt), The Philharmonic Hall, The Unity Theatre on Hope Place and LIPA.  Alongside this are a number of restaurants, all worth a visit, the Philharmonic Pub, for the toilets and my favourite pub Ye Cracke which is just off on Rice Street.  With every step down this thoroughfare you have enough history and culture to overwhelm the soul.  I dare any other city to rival it.

Enough of that, back to the feast, one of the most entertaining parts of this event is the street theatre which always raises belly laughs every few yards.

And of course, the food.  stall upon stall of street food, cheeses, breads and fruit and vegetables.

One stall which has caught my eye for the last two years is The Derimon Smokery mainly for their smoked butter which is one of the most delicious and versatile foodstuffs which has ever passed my lips.  They don't just sell butter, but smoked meats and cheeses to make you want to faint with pleasure.  They have a stall at the Farmers Market in Lark Lane and I can't recommend a visit strongly enough.

And best of all is Laura's Little Bakery maker of the finest cupcakes in Liverpool, nay possibly the world, although if cupcakes aren't your thing, try the New York Cheesecake, a taste you won't regret.

And finally, what about the style on show?  Well the weather was a tad changeable so most people had dressed practically for that.  I did however, come across one example of style which put the rest of us to shame.

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Bourbon&Pearls said...

I love the Magritte man, I wish I had a Hallowe'en party to go to, that would be my oufit!
Both my sisters are in Liverpool, dragged south by marauding Englishmen.