22 September 2011

I Don't Care What the Fashion Press Says...


Smoking Slippers
Whose bright idea were these then?  I'm all for flat shoes, heels should be for those random occasions when you don't need to use your feet.  But slippers?  All that outrage with people going to the shops in their PJs and now because Charlotte Olympia is doing a pair for nigh on £500 it's OK? I think not fashion press!  I have absolutely no desire to look like an old man looking for his pipe and paper thank you very much.  Let us not be fooled by the hype and the faux heritage name (there is no such thing as a smoking slipper, unless it's on fire), these shoes are ugly and for all their pretense at being practical, they are velvet, not a fabric which mixes well with our rather damp British weather.  One for the fashion bin I think.


This has never been acceptable in my book  and never will be.  Let us not forget that this is a fabric born out of death and cruelty.  It is not a by product of the food industry and wearing it is inexcusable.  What about vintage fur I hear you cry.  Well I'm in two minds over this, yes we live in an age where we should recycle and reuse.  For an animal to give up it's life it seems only decent that it pelt is used till it quite simply falls apart in order to justify its dying.  However, I do feel that the whole vintage fur trend has inadvertantly helped muddy the waters on wearing fur.  Where once any sign of a real pelt in the street ran the risk of a pot of red paint being flung at it, today that would never happen just in case it was someone trying to save the planet.  Why not just ban the use of real fur in any further garment production and then all that is left is vintage which can be worn to the hearts content.

Maxi Skirts

Oh the maxi skirt, my all time bete noire.  Want to look fat and frumpy?  Wear a maxi skirt.  Want to sit all day with a sodden muddy hem?  Wear a maxi skirt.  Want to walk in a really strange way as you have three yards of fabric bunching up between your legs?  Wear a maxi skirt.  Unless you are tall and willowy a maxi skirt will not suit you, it will hide your lumps and bumps but only because it's affect is akin to a tent and with all the style that implies.  If you want coverage, go for the mid calf length.  It is showing enough leg to give you shape but will skim across areas you want to hide.

Skinny Models

What actually gets my goat about this more than anything is the utter hypocrisy of the fashion press.  Approximately once a year one of them will run an editorial with larger size models and there will be a holier than thou debate about how it needs to change and a more natural sized model should be used in future.  They then go straight back to using anorexic children.  It is very easy fashion press, use women with proper bodies in future instead of prattling on about it and making those larger sized models almost freak like, you forget, they are the normal ones.

It Bags

I've never understood this phenomenon at all.  I like a nice bag, who doesn't? but to spend hundred of pounds on one, NEVER!  For example one of the most touted at the moment, the Mulberry Alexa bag costs around £785.  For that money I could get my roof repaired or take myself and my daughter for a weekend in Rome.  I am certainly not too proud to pack my phone purse and camera into a M&S bag for life.

The Fetish Look

I rest my case.


Ruth said...

eh-herm.......if you really are using an M&S bag for life these days, can I have your boden satchel??

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