25 January 2012


I'm a sucker for coloured tights but it was Bee's poise which made me notice her, lost in thought with a brew and a fag and totally elegant.


the nyanzi report said...

great colour combo too.

PlainJane said...

Yes I keep seeing this use of subdued colour at the moment and I am loving it.

Ylenia said...

tight in winter are amazing and a total life saving!!
I tend to wear skirts but in winter it is a bit challenging. thanks to tights made in warm cotton and wool I can be fashionable all winter long! and btw, I have just published a post on tights, come and have a look: Longuette

Love, Ylenia

p.s. I am a new follower

National Museums Liverpool Web Team said...

Hi Jane,

I'm a blogger/web editor from National Museums Liverpool and I've just recently come across your blog. Love the street style posts especially!

We have an interesting fashion event coming up very soon at the Walker Art Gallery - I'd like to send you an invite in case you'd be interested in coming along?

You can get in touch with me via email: lisa.jones@liverpoolmuseums.org.uk or on Twitter @livmuseums

Hope to hear from you soon!

Fashionistable said...

Ah ha my name Dvora - one of its meanings is bee. I love coloured tights too. Re your question the answer is yes. Xxxx