12 February 2012

Off The Hook

Remember at the back of the Bunty (I'm so showing my age now), and each week there would be a picture of a girl and cut out outfits with little tags which you would dress the figure in?  Yeah well, kids these days have it easy, no more cutting around those blasted paper tags, there is a cracking new online game doing the same Off the Hook.

Using the collection of the Liverpool museums, including the wonderful wafty "Pride and Prejudice' frocks of Sudely House and the current 1970's exhibition in the Walker, you get to dress two designers, male and female.  For me, the best bit of the game is the figure of Vivian, the female designer, she is normally sized, bless you for this.  After you have chosen your outfit, with a hilarious commentary from the game you then have the option to post on Twitter and Facebook or to email.  HOW MUCH BLOODY FUN?

Seriously though for kids this is a great way to introduce them to some beautiful things and show some creativity.  With half term upon us, this will keep, especially the girls, quiet for an hour or two and you are safe in the knowledge that it isn't trash.  The rest of the games section of National Museums Liverpool, is well worth a visit for the sproglets, they will learn things and have a whale of a time while they are doing it.

Meanwhile, have a look at some of the highlights of the current 1970s exhibit and the jaw dropping Lily Savage frocks.

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Anonymous said...

I'm gunna try and get myself down to Off The Hook sometime this week! All the frocks look so chic and Pemberley-esque!

Gemma x