8 July 2012


Above you will see a pair of bog standard wellies, these my lovely readers are the only chic way to wear the practical yet noble Wellington Boot.

There are two ways in which un-chic welly wearers get it wrong.  The first is the expensive branded wellies.  Why on Gods green earth would you want to pay for Hunters, or God forbid Le Chameau.  If you have that much more money than sense, you really need to start stopping for chuggers and talking to them.  Basic fact, they are a functional item ONLY.

The second erroneous way is the cute patterned welly.  Ask yourself two questions.  Am I older than 12? Or yes you knew this was coming, a CBeebies presenter?  No? I thought not.

If you just want to look normal and quite smart then I beg you, your only other options are tacky as hell or Carly Rae Jepson?

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