11 February 2013

A War on Bad Make-Up

I met Daniel Sandler last Thursday in Harvey Nicks Beauty Bazaar and from our conversation I can conclude that eradicating bad make-up is not the only thing on his agenda, but instead he seems intent on revolutionising the beauty industry.

When I first received the invite I was a tad wary, make-up and beauty is just not my thing.  I am a (youthful) middleaged woman with a full time job, children and interests, quite frankly I don't have the time to be faffing in front of the mirror of a morning.  However, I thought this is my angle, how can a top make up artist advise Ms Average like me?  I needn't have worried, as soon as we started talking it was clear that I am the sort of woman that Daniel is targeting.  Women who want quality quick solutions for their face.

Daniel explained that it was while he was doing the make up for celebrities and catwalk models where it was essential he work fast and make them look ethereally beautiful.  Fail safe shortcuts were developed as part of his repetoire, then came the Damoscene moment.  This was exactly what normal women need.  A few choice items in their make up bags which could be smeared on with the fingers and off they can go, confident they are looking good.

According to Daniel, the three basic items a woman needs for everyday are concealer, bronzer (of which he is a great fan of it's versatilty) and either lipstick or mascara if that is where your preferences lie.  Even I could do that.

It was Daniel's desire to improve make up that has brought him the accolade of the 'King of Blusher'.  His renowned Watercolour Fluid Blusher came about through a dislike of powder blusher and the popular glowing look of a few years back.  Cream blusher looks great but has a habit of melting off after ten minutes.  Daniel experimented with mixing cream blusher, Benetint and Nars Multiple to create a long lasting natural looking glow.  When developing his make up range he took his concoctions to the manufacturer and the result is Watercolour Fluid Blusher.

We also talked about buying beauty products.  My feeling is that I tend to avoid it because the pushy hard sell from the usual counters is off putting.  With many Sales Assistants working for the big brands having to meet ever increasing targets, it is us the customer who bear the brunt.  I just want to buy a lippy and walk out, my peace and head intact.  Daniel sells his range via the internet, QVC and select spas.  He told me he often checks in his clients make up bags and suggests new ways for using existing make up they own, in order to get a fresh look.  I really don't think this man could do a hard sell if his life depended on it.  Instead he has a respect for his customer and a desire to improve their lives, a lesson many of the big companies should learn.

I should have also mentioned that he managed to convince me to walk away with an orange lipstick, a colour I've never considered before, let alone bought.  It looks blinking lovely if I do say so myself.

For more information and to buy online check out his website Daniel Sandler.

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