5 April 2013


I've never been on a pamper day, so when ExperienceDays.co.uk emailed me and asked me to review their pamper day for two at a Marriott Hotel of my choice, my thoughts were, why the hell not.  At this time of year we could all do with a bit of sprucing up.
So yesterday, my friend and I went over to the Marriott Worsley Park in Manchester for a day of luxury and spoiling.  It's a lovely country club style of hotel, set near a golf course and easy to get to on the motorway.  After booking in at the spa, I had a mini manicure, which quite disappointingly was only a file and polish.  However! as the photos below will attest, I routinely ignore my hands, and the beautician (is that what we call them) did a sterling job.  I'm still admiring them today.


Next up was my pal for a mini facial.  While she was gone I settled myself down in the comfy leather chaise and flicked through the latest glossies.  When she finally came out of the treatment room you could tell she had been well looked after.  She was gobsmacked (this doesn't happen often), a fantastic facial was the opinion.
We also had use of the hotel's pool (large, sunlit, very nice), gym facilities (extensive) and sauna (didn't try).  My reservations about the day are small and concern value for money.  two mini treatments between the two of us does not equate to a £75 in my book.  Also another small thing would be to offer people refreshments when they arrive, we were offered water and nothing else.  A cheap and easy way to add to the experience guys.  Those reservations notwithstanding, it was a really nice experience and if you have the spare cash, go for it.

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