10 June 2013

Free Advice for the Chaps

Guys, men, boys, whatever, this is the time when you need to take a bit of advice from Aunty Jane.  I know the weather is warming up and those pale hairy little pins of yours need an airing, but I implore you, DO NOT GO DOWN THE CHINO SHORT ROUTE.

Yes in theory they have a great preppy vibe and hit the right smart casual yet comfortable notes.  But what they will not do is flatter, no matter what your shape.  For example see above, a fine strapping young man, a model no less, does he look a bit Oh *disappointed face*?  You betcha he does.

The reason why my fine fellows is proportion.  They cut off mid thigh and cling with that weird turn uppy thing.  The result is the perception of short legged chubbiness.  Us ladies have had years of experience with proportion disasters, we can overcome most of these with heels, you can't.  Well you can, but you'd look like Prince and we'd laugh.  If you are going for shorts which end mid thigh, they need a tidgy bit of width at the hem, same if they end just above the knee.  We won't discuss 3/4 length because you shouldn't, under ANY circumstances.  If you are clinging onto your desire to wear a pair of chino shorts then size up for God's sake, and avoid beige unless you have a darker shade of skin.

Right that's you lot told, feel free to share and tell your mates.

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