11 November 2013

Local Talent: Alison Appleton

I'n not a tea drinker, but I do love my coffee, and what makes a good cup of coffee great is the receptacle it is served in.  Last Christmas I treated myself to two of the above mugs by local ceramicist Alison Appleton.  And they are items of perfectly balanced beauty.

I've long been a collector of white porcelain, mainly Spode and these magnificent mugs rival the classics in every sense.  Not swinging to the tea side, I can only admire her beautiful tea pots for their good looks, but I still want one.

With Christmas around the corner and the dreaded ramp up of the High Street brands pushing their wares at us.  Take a step back and invest in some quality local talent for your gifts.  Alison's cups and tea pots are available from her website, the Made Here shop in the Met Quarter and for those out of town, Not on the High Street.

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