24 November 2013

Local Talent: Paul Holden

One of the best things about Twitter is when you accidentally stumble across someone who happens to be outrageously talented and a Scouser to boot.  This is how I came across Paul Holden's video for One Sign of Life.  A haunting beautiful song which touches your heart and stays there.  

Paul started recording in 2002, after being taken under the wing of Liverpool legends, The Real People.  After some solo shows, he formed a band The Talkabouts in 2004 who were on the edge of serious attention, after supporting giants such as The Pretenders, Shack and The Bluetones before they split.  

He signed to Martin O'Shea's Bold Management in 2011 and it busy putting the final touches to an as yet untitled EP, which he assures me is " 5 tracks of the best stuff I have written by a country mile".  Another local legend (yes I know, we have shedloads of them here in this fine city), Ian McNabb plays on four of the tracks, which just goes to show how highly Paul is thought of by Liverpool musos.  

Keep an eye out here for news of the release of the EP, Paul has promised us an early listen and I will be banging the drum for it here very loudly.

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