30 March 2014

Me and the Bombed Out Church

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Liverpool this last fortnight has been outraged by the rumour of the Council's plans to sell off a much loved building to private developers.  St Lukes, or the Bombed Out Church is one of the cities most recognisable buildings.  Probably the rest of the world thinks of the Liver Buildings, or the cathedrals when they imagine the architectural icons of the city but ask a Scouser and the Bombed Out Church will be high up on that list.

During the Blitz of 1941, the church scored a direct hit.  Since then it has remained a shell, and a constant reminder and memorial to all those people who lost their lives in the german bombing of the city during WW2.  For many years now it has hosted various events, yoga classes, film screening, concerts and today it was closed while a band filmed a video in there.  It's a versatile space and we love it.

When I asked the very talented artist Katie Craven to design my blog header, I wanted an iconic building on it which would instantly identify my blog with the city.  St Lukes was a no brainer.

With all these in mind, I decided to do a series of street style pictures on the steps.  The steps where many have waited for a hot date, have rested before the trek up Hardman Street and where many a drunken bag of chips and pizza have been consumed in the early hours.

I was accompanied today by a student photographer, Victoria Hyam (who will be guest blogging here in the future).  Victoria is using me as the subject of her 2nd year project.  Photographing me photographing people.  The premise of her project is that street style photography will be seen in years to come as a valuable source of documentary material about the times we live in now.  I'm sure she will keep you updated on this here.

So the point of all this?  Well every day this week, I will be posting some street style from the steps.  The steps of hopes, dreams, lost love and chips.

More information about events at the Bombed Out Church can be found here Urban Strawberry Lunch.

Photo Credit:  Victoria Hyam  (dead talented isn't she)

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