22 April 2014


OK, out of town retail parks, not usually a hotbed of fashion, more a bit of a meh, alright for basics and the DIY store type of destination.  Arcadia Group over the last couple of years have been quietly putting this right, with the latest of their Outfit shops opening at New Mersey Retail Park in Speke.

So what makes Outfit worth a visit?  Well it houses the majority of the Arcadia brands under one roof, and this means high fashion and a fast turnover of styles in a shopping environment that you would not expect.  In a way it is a similar idea to department stores, but as we know, they tend to only house small capsule sized choices from each brand.  Outfit has a wide choice and what I particularly liked is that it is catering for all ages, and sizes in one place.  So you don't normally buy clothes in Topshop, but you do quite like the accessories?  No more traipsing ladies, all in one place.

Right practical things.  The store is well laid out with a big of common sense.  There is one think I hate, and that is wondering aimlessly trying to find something because the store designer took inspiration from a jumble sale.  Life is just too short.

The changies, good seating area for bored mates, kids and fellas outside.  The girls were really pleasant and helpful and didn't tut or roll their eyes when I had them running back into the store to get me things every two minutes.  Kudos for their patience.  The cubicles are roomy, but I have one small criticism.  The mirrors are those ones that make you look like your legs are made out of pure cellulite.  Use the one at the end, much more flattering.

And finally the staff, shop floor staff were friendly, quite glamourous, as above, but not pushy.  Also they seemed to, I'm not sure whether this was accident or design, to have matched the ages of the floor staff to the brand where they worked which actually is a canny move I think.  The girls on the tills were also really lovely, even though it was late when I left they were chatty and happy to chinwag, I do like that.

Anyway, give it a go you lot.  I will be going again.

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