10 August 2014

So Long Summer

So it's August, the time of the dog days of summer and sales.  It also sees the growing knot of excitement for the clothes addicted, their back to school moment, the Autumn fashions.  Suddenly the flimsiness of summer clothes feels tired and tatty, sandals become unsubstantial in both form and aesthetic.  We start to crave a soft woollen jumper and a new pair of ankle boots, all smooth uncreased leather ready for us to stride out into the elements.  The weighty ad filled September issues start to appear on the newsagents shelves, adding fuel to the excitement, the shops fill with darker hues and warmer fabrics, this is when we reinvent ourselves.  It's no co-incidence that the Autumn fashions always have a faint preppy air, this is the grown up version of a new pencil case.

As exciting as this time is for me, I no longer covet everything I see in the look books and catalogues which drop through my letterbox.  The older I get the more I find I veer away from fashion trends and fads.  I know what I like and what suits me, personal style is now paramount for me.  This is not to say that I am stuck in a rut, obstinately ignoring new shapes and textures, personal style should evolve as life and budget change.  I do however now shop with longevity in mind.  Cut, quality and fabric are what attract me not fast fashion, the clothing version of the one night stand.  Silhouette changes slowly in the fashion world, as long as you keep your silhouette current then you will be saved from the accusations of looking antwacky (that is a Scouse term meaning unfashionable for those who need translation).

It's squally and wet outside today, the perfect time to start day dreaming about the whiff of woodsmoke, the tingle of the cold on your cheeks and mugs of thick hot chocolate.  Or if you live in a city, damp crowded busses and dog shit in the mounds of fallen leaves that you gleefully kick.  However, let's leave reality at the door and salivate over the best of the A/W 2014 High Street look books.

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