20 November 2014

Nook and Cranny & INSPO Magazine

Bold Street is possibly one of Liverpool's greatest streets, iconic, full of local businesses and watched over by the Bombed Out Church.  Over the last couple of months you may have noticed a new shop opening, full of pretty cards and gifts, its focus on good design saves it from being twee.  Nook and Cranny was originally based in the Bluecoat complex and I had visited a couple of times and was impressed even then.  With Christmas consumer madness just days away, can I suggest you have a look in here before you visit the large High Street shops.  Not only will you be supporting a local independent business but you will come out with some truly gorgeous presents.

Last week Nook and Cranny held a blogger event in conjunction with INSPO magazine.  The shop has a space to the rear which they are using to host various events from a fashion exchange to life drawing classes.  Last week's event was to celebrate the launch of the Celebration of Style conference that was being held in the city.  They had work on display from fashion students from Liverpool City College, and it was a chance for local bloggers to get together, have a bevy and swap ideas, so of course I gabbed the leg off everyone and took a load of pictures, as I do.

INSPO magazine was a bit of a revelation as I had never heard of it before.  Based in Gostins Building it covers fashion (men and women) and beauty and is aimed at the twenty something creative demographic.  It is glossy and well laid out, but what most impressed me is the fashion shoots.  They had avoided that cheesy Cheshire set look that most of the local lifestyle magazines have and have opted for edgy instead.  This is not the sort of magazine which would suit the big hair big tan girls but for people who are interested in good design and more challenging ideas.  I sincerely hope it goes from strength to strength, they are trying something new and this is so refreshing.

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David Lloyd said...

Yeah, it's nae bad that mag. Nice to see a bit of flesh too. No harm, is there? Let's hope she has a better time of finding adverts than I do...