11 February 2015


Last Friday I was lying in bed with a stonking cold and feeling very sorry for myself, then the postman knocked.  I very grumpily got out of bed to open the door where I was handed a large box.  Back in bed I tore it open to find a bunch of promised goodies by Argento  Now I see all your cynical smirks, I like most bloggers get loads of these emails from PR companies asking for write ups on their products in exchange for some trinkets.  Most of them I ignore because I'm not selling my soul with this blog for a bit of tat.  Those that make it through you can guarantee have impressed me and that why I am now going to sing the praises of Argento and encourage you chaps to click on their website to have a look.

Argento is a veritable cornucopia for jewellery and watches.  Brands include Pandora, Michael Kors and Hot Diamonds, but they also stock smaller brands that cover all tastes and prices.  I dare you to go on here and not find a ton of items which you will then spend the rest of the evening day dreaming about.  Special mentions goes to the Argento collection, pretty nice I must say and reasonable prices and then there are the Olivia Burton watches.  I'd like all of them please.

Olivia Burton Midi White and Navy Watch £70.

Argento Lapis Double Ring £20

 Argento Pull Through Leaf Earrings £15

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