19 May 2015

Nomination at Argento

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Charm bracelets; lovely idea, totally impractical to wear with their snaggy dangliness. Wouldn't it be nice if someone designed a charm bracelet that incorporated the sentimental angle with clean practical modernism.  Well someone has, an Italian brand called Nomination which is stocked by my lovely friends at Argento.  

First you get a stainless steel starter bracelet which is made up of 19 links, then you start choosing your charms, a huge variety of them in a variety of materials and a variety of prices, you get the picture..  You then swap the charms for the links in the bracelet (a bit fiddly if you have an utter lack of dexterity like me), and hey presto you have a piece of jewellery individually tailored to what is meaningful to you, and no blinking snagging either. 

A lovely idea for a gift to someone special or just to collect yourself because why not?

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And here is mine, all the charms I have so far are from the rose gold collection, as are the above.  I have to be honest here I've not taken it off since I got it, it goes with literally EVERYTHING

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