20 March 2011

A Big Hello

For over a year I have wanted to start a fashion blog based in Liverpool.  Ideas would run through my head and I'd plot and plan without actually doing anything about it.  I would be infuriated when all references to Liverpool in terms of style would concentrate on the WAG look.  All bling and Cricket.  Don't get me wrong this has it's place, but as I walk the street of this city I see so many girls with a natural style, born out of creativity not cash, this is the style I want to feature.  I would spend my lunchtimes sat on a bench ostensibly people watching, but in reality I would be mentally marking the outfits, my eyes flicking past the plain, mediocre and downright wrong, and settling on interesting combinations and natural flair.  I'm going to have to pluck up my courage and ask these Scouse Stylistas if I can photograph them to provide you lot with inspiration, wish me luck.

Liverpool has long had a reputation for being a hotbed of creativity, be it musically, the theatre or  the visual arts.  Other blogs and magazines are full of London talent, but the provinces especially this far North, don't get a look in.  As much as I enjoy reading the mainstream media it would be nice to hear about, for example, a great interiors shop on my doorstep instead of having to hope they have an online shop, the same goes for fashion, food and the arts.  I want to share my favourite places, from the individual boutiques to the high street.

As I'm new to blogging you will notice the style of the blog evolving.  I have a good idea what I'm after but I am always open to suggestions, fickle my Mum would say.  let me know what you think, or if you know of something great going on, let me know.

Speak soon Chaps.

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