21 March 2011

Why you should buy this dress (or one like it)

Ok lets get the nasty stuff out of the way, it is by Whistles and is priced between £130 and £150 depending on whether you are looking on ASOS or John Lewis websites.  HOW MUCH!, yes I can hear you.  I know for the majority of us that is actually quite a chunk of change, but read on and let me convince you. 

This frock is 100% silk and it is bloody beautiful.  It's styling is classic even down to the bow pattern.  Animal motifs have been very big recently and don't get me wrong I love them, but in a couple of years time they will look dated.  The bow is more generic, like a flower print, it will survive the vagaries of fashion.

Right now to the shape, not being a fan of letting it all hang out, it is demure in what I consider a sexy way, the swish of the silk, the flippiness of the skirt adds allure without looking like a tart.  Those who are self concious of their arms - problem solved.  The biggest selling point however is the waist.  Let me tell you Sister this baby is going to make your legs look loooonnnngggg, very long in fact. 

Wear with ballerinas, loafers or brogues and rock an Alexa style, with higher wedges for an event, you will get envious glances from those struggling with straps wraps and fascinators.  Dress down with a loose cashmere cardi in a neutral (OK I know I'm getting beyond myself, but just imagine it) or a boat necked chunky navy jumper. 

The point is you can wear this frock with anything for anything and you will still be wearing it in 5 years time.  Can you honestly hand on heart tell me you can do the same with those cheap as chips dresses from Primark or H&M.  Do they may your heart flutter and put a wiggle in your step the same way as this frock will?

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