29 March 2011

The Clove Hitch

For years there stood a Mexican restaurant on Hope Street, called something along the lines of El Macho.  Everyone seemed to visit it once and once was enough.  It has now morphed into The Clove Hitch,and although there is still room for improvement it is actually quite nice.

The service was quick and very pleasant, I asked for wifi and they quickly brought over the password, smiles all round.  Lunch arrived I had chargrilled chicken with a feta and tomato salad.  It was HUGE.  The chicken was delicious, unfortunately the dish was let down by the huge salad of various leaves, I had to hunt around for the tomato and feta.  My pal had a chicken and bacon sandwich, again delicious but a double decker sandwich for lunch is just a bit too much bread even for a big fella like him.

They have cleaned the interior of all the faux mexican tat, leaving a modern rustic look of stripped wood.  A vast improvement on it's predeccessor, it felt comfortable and although some details appear to be a bit at odds with the overall theme, it would be mean to quibble.

One area though which I must take umbrage is the music - Billy Joel is not giving anything to the ambience apart from earache.  If you are reading this The Clove Hitch desist with the 80s pap at once.

All in all a pleasant reasonably priced lunch venue which I would visit again provided they change the CD.

The picture is off their website http://www.clovehitch.co.uk/

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