28 March 2011

Fancy Dress

Driving home from work this evening, I was amused to see my Other Halve's jaw drop open in shock.  As he doesn't tend to notice anything that occurs outside Goodison Park, I glanced over to see what had kicked him out of his reverie.  Out of a shop clopped a young girl, dressed to kill.  Unfortunately she had made the classic mistake I see time and time again amongst young Scouse girls. Instead of using a trend for inspiration they use it too literally.  Hearing that the Seventies are back in fashion, she had donned her clogs, floaty brown sprigged maxi dress and had a headband across her forehead.  This did not look chic stylish or any other adjective usually desired when dressing, it looked like she was in Fancy Dress.

It may seem obvious to some of us but what struts down the catwalks or graces the pages of the glossies is purely there for inspiration.  It is not meant for wholesale recreation on the street.  If the Seventies are back, wear a pair of wide legged jeans but pair it with a modern blouse or t shirt that keeps it looking fresh, less is more to coin a cliche.  

Photograph by the Sartorialist


Ruth said...

you need to see the yellow 70's outfit in the 'couture' shop at the end of my street. It's a flare ensemble that appears to be made from very yellow mosquito net.........

Alison Gow said...

Floaty maxi dresses? Good grief, it's not even APRIL