13 April 2011


I've long been a fan of crime fiction.  It started with Kinky Friedman and his coffee and wisecracks, moved onto Carl Hiasson and his absurdity then Patricia Cornwell, Michael Connelly, Harlan Coban and I've recently started on the European authors, Donna Leon, Henning Mankel and Steig Larsen.  I'm now waiting impatiently for the next book by Liverpool academic David Jackson.  His first novel Pariah was awarded a highly commended in the Debut Dagger Awards of the Crime Writers Association, and quite rightly too.

Pariah features New York Detective Callum Doyle whose life is turned upside down after his partner is murdered.  It is a succession of cliff hangers which has you shouting 'no way' out loud only to sigh a minute later.  Like the best type of crime novel it had me gripped, not wanting to put it down I had to take a series of long baths (the only time I get to read in peace), my family wondering what the hell was going on.  The ending... well I couldn't spoil it for you, just let me say a massive twist, very clever.

With the Easter break and Bank Holidays coming up, if you need a book to see you through all the Royal Wedding shenanigans then this is it.

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