30 December 2011

Up Yours Geoff and Maggie

Today, something which I had long suspected but had dismissed as paranoia and my intense dislike of the tory party was proved to be true. Papers had been released from the early eighties where Sir Geoffrey Howe had suggested to Margaret Thatcher that Liverpool, my beloved city, be left to managed decline.  It seems we were not considered worthy by the government of any financial support  during those dark days in our history.  Although officially the government did not take this path, in reality the country abandoned us.  Jobs were non existent and as people struggled to survive the media turned on us.  Scousers were now figures of fun, a stereotype which very tiredly still exists to this day.  We were all scroungers (how do you scrounge when there are no jobs I'll never know) and thieves.  Honesty was a stranger and you should check your pockets if you had the misfortune to come into contact with one of the shell suited bubble haired scallywags.

I of course knew this was all nonsense, I am a Scouser and my pride in this beautiful city and it's people knows no bounds.  There were times when it felt it could not get any worse, Heysel, Hiilsborough (now if the campaign by the families for justice is not evidence of a noble commitment to the truth, I give up), Jamie Bulger, Rhys Jones, the list of horrors goes on.  But through all these nightmares and neglect the city has thrived.  Despite all that has been thrown at us, the city has grown physically, culturally and spiritually, try keeping a good Scouser down?  It is impossible.

I started to have a think of what has been achieved since those discussions in the Cabinet Office thirty years ago, and with the help of the lovely people of Twitter this is what we came up with.  Please feel free to add your own ideas of what this city has accomplished in the last thirty years in the comments.  You don't have to be a scouser to take part, just to have an appreciation of our wonderful city.  If you have never been here, what do you dream of seeing?  Lets celebrate this fantastic and special please and Geoff and Maggie, UP YOURS!

The Garden Festival
Larks in  the Park
Beatles Festival
Capital of Culture 2008
Liverpool Pride
Africa Oye
Liverpool Lantern Parade
Hope Street Feast

Banksy's Rat
The Biennial
La Princess, the giant spider
The Tate
Revamp of the Walker Art Gallery
Revamp of the World Museum
The new Museum of Liverpool Life
The Maritime Museum

The refurbishment of the whole dock area including the Albert Dock
Cavern Walks
Clayton Square Shopping Centre
Queens Square
Liverpool One
Echo Arena

Walton Neurological Centre
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine 
Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation
Liverpool Women's Hospital
Alder Hey Hospital

The University of Liverpool, world class research and teaching
Liverpool John Moore's University
Hope University

The restoration of the Palm House in Sefton Park and the Gladstone Pavillion in Stanley Park

The Unity Theatre
The rebuilding of the Everyman Theatre
Reopening of the Neptune Theatre
Phil Redmond
Jimmy McGovern
Frank Cottrell Boyce
Mal Young
Willy Russell
Alan Bleasdale

The city is the most filmed city outside of the capital and has the most listed building of any city outside of the capital.

Echo and the Bunnymen
The Zutons
The Coral
Atomic Kitten
The Boo Radleys
The LAs
The Farm
The Christians
Dead or Alive
Frankie goes to Hollywood
The Lightening Seeds
Miles Kane
The Wombats
And a million other bands creating brilliant, good, average and dodgy music.

Never mind, two cathedrals, two premiership football teams even though only one of them is good.  A veritable pantheon of actors and writers and other creatives.

And now for my personal favourite past and present:

The Hangout
Planet X
The State
Bold Street Coffee
Salt House Tapas
The Bluecoat
Probe Records
The Walking Seeds
Benny Profane
Bold Street
Hope Street
Sefton Park
Top Chef
The Quarter
The grounds of the Anglican Cathedral
Deja Vu
El Kilos
News From Nowhere
Victoria Gallery and Museum
The Double Negative
Ye Cracke
The Grapes on Roscoe Street
The refurbishment of St Georges Hall
The refurbishment of Lime Street Station
And the beautiful stylish people who let me photograph them.


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I've got a pic of myself about eight years old standing outside the Cathedral sporting one of those dodgy home cut fringes.

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Is 69a still going?? Linda (great pic BTW) Thank you.