10 January 2012

I Don't Care What The Fashion Press Says... About Peplums and Pairs

Peplums, beloved of the cast of Dynasty and Dallas and alongside huge shoulders and hair is one of the things we have been quite happy to leave in the 1980's, until now.  Yes you guessed it, the fashion houses have decided that they are now to be part of our future fashion faux pas. I'm sure the average woman on the street really wants her hips emphasizing. If you are still interested in looking a bit daft you can pick up this Jil Sander peplum for Net-a-porter for a paltry £320.

The other thing which is driving me crazy at the moment is the insistance by the fashion press of describing clothing items in the singular, as in a shoe, or a tight or a trouser. I do hope dear reader hat they are only doing this to make themselves sound more knowledgeable that us civilians and that actually it is a load of pretentious nonsense.  If I hear any of you dropping the 's' off the ends of these items I shall afix you with a steely glare or in tradionally Scouse fashion, point and say 'eeeeeeeee, kip of you'.  You have been warned.

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